May your business bloom brighter every day

Find out why I think of my garden as a metaphor for my business.

I just wanted to share a little story. A year ago today my family and I moved house. It was the biggest move I have ever done and hopefully, I won’t need to do it ever again, or at least not for a really long time. It was great because we found a lovely house on a quiet road in a good area. We also managed to time it for the summer holidays just before my daughter started school. We were incredibly lucky and have no regrets about moving.

The most disappointing element of our new property was the garden. It had basically been left to weeds, with one very ugly tree and a couple of green shrubs. It was kind of a blank canvas but it needed a certain amount of re-landscaping and it didn’t contain any flowers. Not a single splash of colour. In July.

The pictures above are of the flowers that are all in bloom now, exactly one year later. Quite a few of them were grown from seed – I have lockdown to thank for that. The garden still needs a lot of work, but we have made plans for it and it has definitely come to life.

The point I am finally getting round to, is that my garden is a metaphor for my business. Little by little it is developing and it is in much better shape than a few months ago. It’s been hard work with some really unexpected highs and lows, but now I am in a position where I am able to set clear goals. I can visualise its future growth, just like I can for the business.  

I am proud to look back at the last 12 months living in this house and the last 11 months since I started Daisy Chain Social Media. I also have a good idea of what can be achieved over the next 12 months. Maybe you too have a business or a project, that you are working hard to make bloom a bit brighter. I would love to hear about it if you do. I hope you will join me by following my journey here.

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